A little about me... or my life story


Photography has always been a big part of my life since a young age, this due to being lucky enough to have a dad with such a raw talent for it. Growing up, he would always teach me little things here and there until one day he let me use his camera. It was only to do something as simple as photograph a tree, but it was at that moment when the shutter clicked, I knew this was something I’d be passionate about.


I got my first bridge camera when I was fifteen. As soon as I’d learnt how to use it I wanted to try it on everything! I’d take it on days out with my family, I’d take it on walks over my local nature reserve and I then discovered a totally new kind of photography when I had the opportunity to do my first photoshoot. The maternity shoot that I did had me learning so many new things I knew by this point I wanted to learn everything. So I then took the plunge into buying my first DSLR camera and made a start at my dream career. Over the years I have now photographed babies, cake smashes, christenings, weddings and have also done some modelling and portrait work. 

Throughout all of this it has made me find who I am as a photographer. I have found my taste and what gives me that flare over others. The natural photographs I take have those memories and emotions locked into it in a way that the staged ‘say cheese’ photos don't. My goal in photography is to show the excitement, enthusiasm and grace in people. I enjoy being a fly on the wall and capturing the scenes that in other ways would go unnoticed. I’m always up for getting that particular shot you’ve dreamed of and will find a way of making it even better than what you’d imagined, but the hidden gems are always found when photographing people caught off guard or people who aren’t made to feel like they have to pose for the camera.


My love for photography is something that has grown over time and will continue to grow with every client I have the pleasure of working with. I’d love for you to be part of this with me and trust me to capture all of your special moments as well. If I sound similar to the photographer you’ve been looking for please get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!